The Ceremonial dances personify the  proud history of the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial.  It is truly a special time for participants and spectators alike an opportunity for cultures to come together in the universe of rhythm, motion and artistic expression.  In fact, the Inter-Tribal Ceremonial dances were performed more as ritual and religion upon the inception of the event in 1922.  As interest grew, the emphasis was shifted to exhibition style performances.  Today, people flock from all over the world to see the color and spirit of the Ceremonial dancers’ breathtaking displays.  The following are a few of the dance groups that have performed over the last few decades. The Ceremonial Board of Directors and the staff extend their thanks to the dance teams participating in this year’s Ceremonial.

Pollen Trail Dance Group
Brent Chase accompanies the Pollen Trail dance troupe with his humor and Navajo flute playing. The Sash Belt or Weaving Dance tells the story of Spider Woman’s influence in weaving, the Basket Dance depicts the important role of baskets in Navajo life, and the Bow and Arrow Dance honors the warriors of old who have protected the Diné way of life.
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HOPI PUEBLO Dance Group Leader- Dwight Mase The Hopi Pueblo Dance Group has been a group at Ceremonial since the early days of the show. The group was initially introduced to the show by Roger and Dorothy Mase.  These dancers come to us from Second Mesa, Arizona and perform a variety of dances such asthe: Buffalo, Rainbow,
Comanche, and Supai The Dwight Mase Dancers perform throughout the Southwest and are a 5th generation family affair. These dancers maintain the rich heritage and culture of the Hopi Pueblo Tribe of central Arizona.
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The Fernando Cellicion Traditional Zuni Dancers come from the Pueblo of Zuni, New Mexico. The Zuni people are a group of Pueblo Indians who have lived in western New Mexico for over 1000 years. They have always been farmers and people of peace. The dance group was founded by Roger Cellicion, father of the current leader, to preserve and pass on his knowledge of Zuni culture to his children. Today, the group is under the direction of Fernando Cellicion. The group has performed at a broad range of venues, including the World Music Festival in Tokyo, Japan, and in the Pacific under the auspices of the USIS, and at the Gallup (New Mexico) Intertribal Ceremonials, New Mexico State Fair, Connecticut River Rendezvous and parades, celebrations, pow-wows and other functions throughout the United States. The group has won many top honors in dance competitions.Many of their songs have been heard on such programs as NPR, and the group has been featured at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, several times. The group¹s music and dance has been featured on the video, Indian Dances of the Zuni Pueblo, which was released in 1996 by Indian Sounds of Oklahoma. In addition, Fernando Cellicion is an accomplished traditional flute player, and has performed throughout the United States and in Italy.
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KIOWA TRIBE Dance Group Leader-Lowell Russell  The Kiowa Tribal dancers from Carnegie Oklahoma have been part of Ceremonial since its origin.  Though the tribe has been represented by different dance groups, the excitement of the Kiowa Southern Fancy War Dance is a must see. The current dance group is led by Lowell Russell, who has performed in our show since he was a youngster, and this particular group will enter their third year in 2010. Get up close to these spectacular dancers at either the Thursday Evening Parade or the Saturday Morning Parade!
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The White Mountain Apache Dance Group comes to the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial from the White Mountain Apache reservation in Arizona.  The Apache Crown Dancers are a crowd favorite. Dance group leader, Terrance Yazzie and his family have been part of the show for ten years. Catch this group getting crowds involved in their dances during the Ceremonial Parades!
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Ohkay Owinge Dance Group Leader-Robert Aguino The San Juan Pueblo Dance Group comes to the Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial from Ohkay Owingeh (place of the strong people).The pueblo is located about 25 miles northwest of Santa Fe and the San Juan tribe is a TEWA speaking people. Dance group leader Robert Aguino and his family have participated in Ceremonial for several generations, and continually excites our audiences with San Juan Pueblo dances such as the deer, buffalo, and eagle.
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Zuni Pueblo“Zuni Olla Maidens”Dance Group Leader: Cornelia Bowannie  The Zuni Olla Maidens have been part of the Gallup Inter-tribal Indian Ceremonial for over 50 years. These talented women travel all over the United States showcasing their ability to sing and dance while balancing beautiful hand-made pots on their heads.  This group under the direction of their leader, Cornelia Bowannie, is unique in that they are all related. Witness this unique group at Ceremonial!
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Taos Group Dancers
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Pima Tribal Dancers Dance Group Leader-Geraldine Carlos
The Pima Dance Group comes to the Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial from Scottsdale, Arizona. The group showcases traditional dances like the basket dance and the going home dance. Group leader, Geraldine Carlos, has performed in our program for over thirty years. Dorothy Lewis, mother of Geraldine, led the group for many years.
After a short absence, we are delighted to have them back to the Gallup area.
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 Azteca Dance Group
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Fernando Cellicion – Native American Flutist
Fernando lives in te Zuni Pueblo village located on the Zuni Indian Reservation in the western part of New Mexico. He is internationally recognized for his expertise on the plains style Native American wooden flute. Fernando’s repertoire includes many traditional Zuni Pueblo Songs as well as songs from other Pueblos and plains tribes. All the songs that he composes and plays come from the heart.    He Plays for mother earth, the sky, the stars, mother moon, father sun, to all the deities that have helped his people “The A’Shiwi,” survive the many difficulties that they have endured over the centuries. But, most of all he plays for our creator known to his people as “The Keeper of All Roads.”    In 1989, Fernando was the only American out of 390 International musicians invited to participate in an international music festival held at the Parc De La villette in Paris, France in commemoration of the bicentennial of the French Revolution.    Fernando is a member of the Artists of Indian America, Inc., an organization founded by opera singer Bonnie Jo Hunt.  The A.I.A. is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, The New Mexico Arts Division, and private contributions.  The A.I.A. travels to different commmunities and schools to motivate and promote cultural pride in the young Native American people through the arts. Fernando serves the A.I.A. as a Native American Dance Specialist.
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A. Brent Chase
Native American flutist and Gallup Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremonial Master of ceremonies, A. Brent Chase performs with various Native American flutes and Drums.
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Leonard Four Hawks – Storyteller
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Marylynn Help-Hood Navajo Soloist
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